So, Who Are D and J Marketing?

D & J Marketing Ltd are a local internet marketing company based in Torquay, Devon with links all over the world. We are a husband and wife team (Debbie & Jon), who together have amassed an enormous amount of knowledge over the last 12 years, marketing products and services both online and offline.

We not only help local businesses like yours to improve their online presence but we also run our own online businesses so we don’t just talk the talk, we actually walk the walk!

Since the Covid crisis we have been passionate about helping businesses not just survive but thrive. We have been helping businesses grow their revenue and customers online  – does that sound like something that your business could use?

Marketing online is a huge minefield, but an extremely pleasurable one, with no end to the wonderful possibilities to give solutions to peoples problems throughout the world 24/7, 365 days of the year, mostly on autopilot!

In August 2008, I, Jon (was working as an Operations Manager for a national parcel carrier), became an early victim of the recession, when on arrival for another day in paradise (!), was called into the Depot Managers office and told, completely out of the blue, that I was to be made redundant!!! That shook my world, I must be honest. At that exact moment it was like the world was in slow motion – you know, like in The Matrix!

After the initial shock, both Debbie and I decided that I had 2 options open to me:

  • To look for another job, with a comparable wage (which was a non starter as there weren’t any!)
  • Or, to take my destiny into my own hands and take the part time internet business that I had been dabbling with, and do it full time!

I chose the latter

My lovely wife Debbie was also laid off from her corporate job a year after me in 2009 and she too decided that being the master of her own destiny was the way to go! We absolutely love the freedom that having an online business gives you. Being there for your kids, (we have 4!) both doing the school run and being there for ALL their school plays, open days, appointments etc is priceless.

Over 11 years on and we have seen a steady increase in business, and have customers all around the world.

So, what do we do exactly?

Having learned so much since being online, we felt it was time to put that knowledge to good use – to help traditional offline businesses to grow and prosper online by marketing themselves more effectively.

We therefore offer the tools and solutions for you, the local business owner, to promote your business online in ways that you probably have not thought of before. And for those of you who do not feel the need to do it yourself we have several done for you services as well.

Whether it is getting your website to show up higher in the search results or posting to your social media accounts we can help. Maybe you want to get your website to bring you more customers? We have several great innovative ways to do that.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us at dandjmarketinguk@gmail.com

Or why not get us to complete a FREE website assessment for you?


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