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We come across many businesses, who still in this day and age do not have a website. We recognise the fact that for some businesses, the cost of getting a website built can be seen as a huge expense when getting started. But then they get up and running and for some reason it does not become a viable investment.

If you are reading this I am guessing you do not have a website?

Have you ever stopped to think just how much business you have missed out on by NOT having a website, however simple?

Probably best not to ponder on it for too long, the number would shock you.

Believe it or not 52% of small businesses do not have a website. This amazes us.

A website is your shop window and will definitely bring you more business.

With nearly 50% of searches done on Google relating to a local business, the time to have a website is NOW!

We conducted some research locally to try to find out the cost of having a new website to see if we could understand why so many businesses don’t invest in themselves.

The majority of web design companies do not show any prices but seem to hide behind the fact that ‘every business is different with different needs’. This is bound to put many people off from actually getting a quote. No price, usually equals expensive, right?

We did find one web design agency that had their prices displayed on their website.

Their charges were an upfront fee of £200 and then £20 +vat every month with a 24 month minimum term.

We also found another who was charging £299 for a 5 page website.

So, with this in mind we decided there was a place for an affordable website service.

Here is an example of the layout of the websites we build for you

Like what you saw?

Well, our fee is just £99 + vat one off cost plus £25 + vat per month to maintain the website.



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Email Marketing

One of the many things that we never fully understand with local businesses is their lack of the follow up! Their is no better customer than someone who has already bought from you previously.

Recent studies show that it takes 7 points of contact before someone will buy from a company. Now that may be visiting a website, receiving an email, seeing a video commercial or some other media. Way too many businesses allow people to visit their website and then just leave without attempting to engage them in some kind of relationship.

By capturing people’s email addresses you get the ability to make contact with them again and again over the following months. This keeps your business fresh in their minds and when the time is right, they will come to you to buy your product or service.

Now their are a couple of tools you will need if you want to start capturing people’s emails and sending them automated messages.

  • Firstly you will need a pop up creator
  • Secondly you will need an autoresponder

Now, if you don’t want an exit pop up on your website, an autoresponder will give you the tools you need. We have used many over the years, but our 2 favourites are Aweber and Convertkit.

The general rule of thumb is that every subscriber you have on your mailing list is worth £1 per month to your business.

Want to start building a mailing list?

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