Google is Coming for You in 2018!

Google is Coming for You in 2018!

December 14, 2017

Google is Coming for You in 2018!

2018 is upon us and Google has gone public (which is very unusual to say the least!) in its announcement of the ways in which it will be affecting businesses online.

Firstly it intends to remove all listings in its Google My Business section that have not been claimed and verified by the business owner.

Have you claimed yours? 

If not, get in touch on our Contact Us Page and we will reply with how we can help you to claim your listing and get it optimised to maximise your online presence.

If you are not sure what the Google My Business section is, see below.

The following factors may get a local business’s Google profile removed:

  • Unclaimed and Unmanaged Listing…
  • Incorrect Contact Or Location Information…
  • Spammy Reviews…

Secondly, 90% of online advertising will be blocked by Google’s new ad blocker and their 2018 advertising regulations. This article from Business Insider triggered a big stir in small business circles:

90% of Facebook and Google Ads will be BLOCKED if they don’t follow these rules:

RULE 1: Auto-Start Videos BANNED
RULE 2: Advertisements That Cover 1/3 Of The Page: BANNED
RULE 3: Flashing Animated Ads Are Now BANNED

If you have ads that come under any of the 3 above talk to us about how we can get you around the ruling.

All the best for 2018



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