Latest Survey on How Consumers Are Contacting Local Businesses

Latest Survey on How Consumers Are Contacting Local Businesses

Latest Survey on How Consumers Are Contacting Local Businesses

A new survey (Nov 2019) asked 500 people how they search for local businesses prior to making a decision on which one to choose.

The results will shock you!

With all the hype around having your business on Facebook these days it was astounding to see that 75% of people do NOT look at the Facebook page for a business. So, why are we wasting our time on there I ask?

Another interesting result in these days where we are told that everyone is using their mobile phone, was that 59% of people prefer to do their searches on a computer! Voice search is still in its infancy but I feel sure that if they did this survey next year the figure would be different.

We are all hung up on reviews when it comes to our online presence, but maybe we shouldn’t be. 81% of those surveyed said that they do not leave online reviews. Those that do, like to leave then on Google My Business. (Find out how to optimise your GMB listing here). Strangely though, 58% of people stated that a negative review would cause them to look at an alternative business when deciding who to use. People also only look at reviews on 1 or 2 sites as well.


Google My Business shines again

One overriding thing coming out of the survey was that people do appear to use the Google My Business listings a lot when making informed decisions about which business to use. These are the listings at the top of Google when you are searching locally. Here is an eample:

google my business listings

When looking at these listings the No.1 feature that is deemed most important by searchers is a good description. What is yours like?!

The 2nd most important are the photos that the business has put on their listing. This is something that far too many people miss out when optimising their listings.

How do you look online?

After negative reviews, the next thing that stops someone from making contact with a business is a poor website. Still, in 2020, we see many local business websites that look like they were created in the 1990’s! Another mistake is not having a secure website (https) and also not having a mobile responsive website.

The average time someone stays on your website before they make the decision whether to stay or not is about 3 seconds! Yes really! So, your website needs to not only look professional but also convey the message of what it is that you do.

How is yours looking?

The personal touch

The overwhelming form of contact preferred by people in the survey was to call the business on the phone. Email was a lowly second. This shows that people still like the personal touch. I think that you can tell a lot about a person or business by 3 things:

  • how quickly they answer the phone
  • how they answer the phone – are they professional and courteous
  • do they sound knowledgeable

Are you in good shape for 2020?

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Hopefully you have found this Latest Survey on How Consumers Are Contacting Local Businesses useful? Let us know your thoughts.

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