Over the last few years, SEO has become harder for local businesses to manage as Google makes frequent changes and strategies come and go.

With over 12 years of not only helping local businesses to improve their online presence but also running our own online businesses, we feel we have the knowledge to make a difference for your business.

There are 3 definite signs that your Search Engine Optimisation has stopped working:

  1. The number of people calling you reduces
  2. The number of people visiting your website reduces
  3. The number of keywords that you show up for in Google’s search results reduces

Here are some interesting stats to show that having good effective SEO is a must-have not a nice to have!

  • 46% of all Google searches are local
  • Nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches feature a location
  • 57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative
  • 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines

Now do you see why it is vital that your SEO is in place and having maximum effect?

So, how do you address these problems?

The key is to stay updated on the criteria the major search engines use to determine how your website fits into the searches being conducted. Keep your site updated regularly, so Google knows that it has not been abandoned. Most importantly, make use of Google’s reporting features to learn where improvements are necessary, and your site will remain on top. These are only a few minor things to do. There are over 200 ranking factors that decide where Google sees your website should rank.

Google has made a promise to its shareholders that it will give the most relevant results every time someone makes a search. Therefore relevance is a huge ranking factor.

Is your website as relevant as it should be?

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