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If your business is NOT being promoted on Social Media these days then you are leaving money on the table!

Many businesses still see Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as childs play or places to look at cute puppies and kittens!

Think again!

You need to create an online presence for your business across all channels.

***BRAND NEW****

Facebook Video Headers

Have you seen the latest Facebook feature?

You can now add a video as your Facebook Page Cover!

WOW! This gives your page the wow factor and gets attention far more than just a simple image.

Here is ours (see it on our Facebook Page here) press the Play button


You cannot just upload any old video. Facebook has made it so that it has to be a certain size and format.

However, we have the ability to create a video for you in the right size and format!


Find out more HERE

However, if you do not want a video at the top of your Facebook Business Page….

Does your Facebook Page look like this?


When it could look like this!

For just a small one off fee we can help by creating a cover image for your business

For just £37 + vat – UK


Just $48 – USA







Enter your details below and we will get to work searching our video vaults

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