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Did you know that only 64% of businesses have a website – how mental is that?

However, 58% of those that do NOT have one, state that they intend to get one within the next 12 months.

One of the biggest reasons given for NOT having a website is cost!

But we would ask, “How much is it costing you NOT to have a website?

Right now in 2019, over 70% of people search online when they are looking for a local business to do some work for them.

The Yellow Pages that used to sit by your phone, is no longer being printed so people go online instead.

So, you are effectively missing out on 70% of the potential customers for your business!

Now, for us, we totally understand that it is very frustrating when you do actually invest some time to research getting a website and you are met with a lack of prices!

So many web design firms hide behind the message that every website is different so get in touch to see what we can do for you! This is just a licence to print money in our opinion. Depending on how tech-savvy you are determines how much they will try to get away with charging you. That is how we see it!

So, we say, nuts to all that!

We know that small local businesses do not need an all singing , all dancing fancy, schmancy website. All you need is a simple website that looks professional and gets people contacting your business.

So, we have taken a different approach.

For just £99+vat for just 3 months we will build you a professional looking website (see an example here) then your investment stops, but the website remains yours.

Like what you saw? Don’t worry, you get all your own details, images and info of your business etc on your version!

We can start building your website as early as tomorrow!