Your Website and The Need for Speed

Your Website and The Need for Speed

February 13, 2018

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Is Your Website Fast Enough?

You may not know that in July 2018, Google will be unleashing a major algorithm change on website owners, that could have a catastrophic impact on your website.

The Google Site Speed Update

Basically, up until now Google has ranked websites in its search results based on the speed at which your website loads on a desktop.

But, now that the majority of people access the internet on a mobile device or tablet they will be ranking your website on how fast it loads on those devices instead!

So, if your website is not mobile optimized and does not load fast enough your website will go down the rankings like a stone!

Not only that but, slow loading pages KILL conversions, increases your bounce rates and cost you more in ad spend.

According to Kissmetrics if your site takes 3+ seconds to load you lose 50%+ of traffic & at 20+ seconds you lose 95%+ of traffic…
That’s a serious problem specially for the 52% of mobile users on slower connections.
Now more than ever your sites have to be fast as people are impatient!

Here is an official article on the whole subject >> Site Speed Article

So, we thought you could do with some help. Here are 5 tips to help you optimize your site…

1. Hosting/Hosting Server – Use a free site like bitcatcha to test your web hosting. If your web hosting is slow, you may need a new webhost.

2. Themes & Plugins – Think your theme or a plugin may be slowing your site down? Get rid of them.

3. Graphics – Unoptimized images are one of the top causes of slow web pages. Optimize your images using a site like BulkResizePhotos.

4. Databases – If your site uses a modern Content Management System like WordPress, your database can become full of unneeded data like post revisions. Optimize your database.

5. Long Pages – If you create long sales pages it can take a while for the full page to load. Consider using a plugin or scripting to load images as the user scrolls down your page.


Alternatively, if your website runs on WordPress, we have a plugin which can sort these problems out for you. 

Not only that but we can configure it for you on your site to make your website faster thereby preventing you from losing valuable rankings in Google.

Speed up your WordPress website and prevent a loss of income for just

£97 + vat (UK)


$135 (USA)

Once you have been through the checkout we will contact you for your log in details and then we will start the configuration process for you.


Enter your details below and we will get to work searching our video vaults

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