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SEO Services

Over the last few years SEO has become harder for local businesses to manage as Google makes frequent changes and …..

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Google My Business

Have you got a Google My Business listing? If not why not? For several years now Google has been showing …..

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Social Media Services

Whether it is helping you post content regularly to your social media accounts or creating professional looking cover images for …..

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Messenger ChatBots

Chatbot’s, mainly through Facebook Messenger are changing the face of the way we communicate online. Here are some mind bending …..

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Video Services

Special Halloween Offer Here are some interesting video stats that will make you sit up and take note. People now …..

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Online Advertising

By far the 2 best places to advertise your business online are Google and Facebook. But many businesses have tried …..

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Affordable Websites

We come across many businesses, who still in this day and age do not have a website. We recognise the fact that for some businesses, the cost of getting a website built can be seen as a huge expense when getting started. But then they get up and running and for some reason it does …..

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Email Marketing

One of the many things that we never fully understand with local businesses is their lack of the follow up! Their is no better customer than someone who has already bought from you previously. Recent studies show that it takes 7 points of contact before someone will buy from a company. Now that may be …..

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“We do not want to lose your help Jon. You have been a terrific help. You are a top man and a real contributing factor to our success.”

Dave at D J Hammond Electrical

“We were invisible on the internet until Jon at D & J Marketing came along. Now we are on the first page of Google – I don’t know how they do it but it is worth every penny to us.”

David at Solar City UK

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3 Ways to Get Google to Love Your Local Business

Check Out These 3 Ways to Get Google to Love Your Business There is only one way to get Google to love your local business and that is to give Google what it wants. That makes sense, doesn’t it? So what does Google want from you? Check out these 3 Ways to Get Google to …..

Are you GDPR compliant

Are you GDPR compliant? What is GDPR? Unless you have been hiding under a rock you will know that there is a NEW law that came into play on May 25th 2018 which affects EVERY business that has customers (or promotes its products and services to people or businesses) in the UK and the EU. …..

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